Gastromama is a search engine for gluten-free locations that scans users conversations online to discover and locate on the map those places suitable for people who follow a gluten-free diet. Soon it will also be available for mobile, allowing you to instantly discover gluten-free restaurants around you, wherever you may be.
Search results identify those places reviewed by people who adopt a gluten free diet, and not necessarily are a sign of quality regarding food contamination or regarding the experience of the staff in fact of gluten free diet. We designed Gastromama exactly in this way so you are able to continually discover new locations, of whom you can be directly informed of its seriousness by the use of contact details which we provide along in the results (website, phone number, comments etc).
Yes: If the place is reviewed as gluten-free and is categorized or identified as such by the search engines, Gastromama will find it, wherever it may be.
Working on online conversations, it is not certain that a location supported by a specific association will appear in the results, although it is highly likely. We are working to include results of an ever more increasing number of sources, including directories of associations in the gluten free area, providing an ever more complete and accurate result.
At this stage we do not foresee the possibility of reviewing restaurants, as our mission is simply to "discover" gluten free offers worldwide so you can eat anywhere you like.
Of course. If you manage a business of restaurants or stores offering gluten free products, and would like to increase your potential customers, we will be happy to include them among our data sources. Please contact us regarding this.