Gastromama, the gluten free advisor

We help people to eat gluten-free everywhere, and companies to optimize the strategies in the gluten-free industry

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We help companies to optimize the strategies in the gluten-free industry
Our technology turns public data into relevant information for those companies that offer products and training in the gluten free market.

We provide heatmaps showing the level of gluten free supply in any city around the world.

New gluten free offers
We monitor periodically the restaurants that include gluten fee options in their offer.

Business contacts
We provide list of these places including name, address and others public contacts available online
Places offering gluten free options unvealed worldwide until now
Restaurants in Rome, Milan and Neaples that offers gluten free options withour any kind of certification about gluten cross-contamination, and that might need of training or assistance to improve the skill of the staff or the quality of the gluten free offer
The restaurants offering gluten free options to users in Italy.

Trying to improve your gluten-free business? Let us know the locations where you are searching for new customers!

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We help people to eat gluten-free everywhere
Gluten free Advisor is the "end-user" side of Gastromama. Our app analyzes the on-line conversations to discover the closest places attended by those who eat gluten, and locates these place on the phone of the user in seconds.
We do not display addresses, but we search the web, just as you, finding locations visited by those who eat gluten-free, wherever they may be.
It works everywhere, in your city as well as the other side of the world. Install it on your mobile to discover in seconds the location of the places and other useful information such as telephone and website. You can trace the route with the GPS of your phone.
It takes just a few moments to find out where to eat gluten-free